Date: Saturday, 11th September 2021

Title: Immersion Cooling Technology: Towards Greener and More Energy Efficient Data Center

Time (CET/WIB)Agenda
10:00-10:05 / 15:00-15:05Opening by Moderator
10:05-10:20 / 15:05-15:20Keynote Speech:
Indonesian roadmap of
energy efficiency/energy
10:20-10:35 / 15:20-15:35Topic 1:
The role and future
the demand of data centers in
10:35-10:55 / 15:35-15:55Topic 2:
Immersion cooling technology and its implementation
10:55-11:25 / 15:55-16:25Topic 3:
Opportunities and challenges on
implementing advanced cooling technologies in Indonesia
11:25-11:55 / 16:25-16:55Q&A Discussion Session
11:55-12:00 / 16:55-17:00Closing by Moderator

Keynote speaker: (to be confirmed)
Dadan Kusdiana – Director-General of New Energy, Renewable, and Energy Conservation, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesia.

Marco Cioffi – Director of Operations, PT DCI Indonesia
Maikel Bouricius – Business Development Manager, Asperitas, the Netherlands.
Patrick Chan – Vice President South Asia, Uptime Institute.

Muhamad Faris Naufal Austen – Data Center Specialist