Date : Friday, 9th July 2021

Title : EV Charging: A Tale of Two Countries

Time (CET/WIB)Agenda
10:00-10:05 / 15:00-15:05Opening by Moderator
10:05-10:50 / 15:05-15:50Topic:
Objective 1: to understand what drives the success of EV charging penetration in the Netherlands;
10:50-11:05 / 15:50-16:05Q&A Discussion Session
11:05-11:15 / 16:05-16:15Coffee Break
11:15-11:40 / 16:15-16:40Topics:
Objective 2: To understand what hinders the of EV charging penetration in the Netherlands
Objective 3: To replicate the success in the Netherlands in Indonesia through post-session partnerships
11:40-11:55 / 16:40-16:55Q&A Discussion Session
11:55-12:00 / 16:55-17:00Closing by Moderator

Sonja Munnix – Senior Advisor Electric Mobility at Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)
Carlos Morales Rozo – Regional Director, New Markets at EVBox
Rida Mulyana – Director General for Electricity at Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (Kementerian ESDM)

Meutia Kusprameswari-Roijmans – Market Advisor at Shell